Is a Pool Cover Right for You?

A pool cover is a great way to protect your loved ones, increase the energy efficiency of your pool, and reduce costs and time associated with maintaining your pool. Pool covers come in a variety of colors and features, including manual, electric, and hydraulic driven mechanisms; there is a pool cover to suite all your needs!

Some of the benefits of owning a pool cover include:
1. Safety- keeping your children, family, friends, and neighbors protected against drowning accidents is a concern every pool owner shares. Our pool covers exceed the ASTM F1346-91 standards for safety in lieu of fencing.

2. Energy Efficiency- According to the Department of Energy, an auto pool cover can reduce water evaporation by an average of 50%-70% and reduce heat loss by 75%.
• Did you know a 20ft *40ft pool in Virginia that is heated to 78 degrees can lose 25,930.67 gallons of water per year due to evaporation? A customer using a pool cover can expect to decrease the amount of water lost to evaporation by more than 20,000 gallons!
• The cost of chemicals for this size pool will average over $300 per year without a pool cover, but a customer using a pool cover can expect to cut their chemical expenses in half!
• The cost of energy to run a pool of this size is about $1300 per year without a pool cover. With a pool cover, the cost of energy is approximately $170 per year.
• A pool of this size will put approximately 21 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere per year; however, a customer using a pool cover can reduce their CO2 emissions by over 75%!

3. More time swimming, less time skimming! A pool cover prevents leaves, pine needles, and other debris from blowing into your pool.

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