The Hydramatic Pool Cover System by Aquamatic Cover Systems delivers superior strength and longevity over any other cover system out there. We are still servicing 30 year old Aquamatic covers that are still working today. Not any other cover system out there can do that. Aquamatic Cover Systems has created a dual motor, all hydraulic driven cover system. This means that with Aquamatic, there is no electricity directly adjacent to the pool like other cover systems require. The Hydramatic is driven by two hydraulic torque motors and a hydraulic pump. One motor opens the cover, and the other one closes it. Hydraulics are an upgrade to the electric cover systems. All manufacturers of cover systems offer a hydraulic cover system, but Aquamatic took it to another level. The proof is in the warranty.. Aquamatic Cover Systems come with a limited 20 year warranty on the drive. This includes the 2 torque motors, the mechanism, and the hydraulic pump that are warranted for 20 years. The cover comes with a limited 7 year warranty. This warranty far exceeds anything else in the pool cover industry. Aquamatic is proud and committed to providing product excellence. They offer the best warranty in the industry because they know that their cover systems will withstand the test of time. We here at Aquamatic East Coast are proud to be the Aquamatic rep in the Mid-Atlantic Region.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE HYDRAMATIC BROCHURE.



The Lift Lid is an exclusive Aquamatic option. This is a very unique concept, especially for pools that are designed to have the cover recess at the entry point of the pool. By incorporating the Lift Lid design into your pool, you will have a masonry lid over your cover recess to match the coping and decking surround. The Lift Lid rests on top of the lowered bond beam of the pool and eliminates any deflection of the brackets when you walk across them. The lid assembly will raise and lower automatically with the turn of a key to allow the cover to pass without resistance. The cover is sandwiched between two nylon rails that support the brackets above. When you turn the key, the lid assembly will raise to allow the cover to move forward or backwards. Once you have reached the open position, the lid will lower down to hide the leading edge bar of the cover and rest firmly on the lowered bond beam again, providing a sturdy and safe walking surface. The Lift Lid is an exclusive Aquamatic Cover Systems option.



The Hydralux cover system is not sold in the USA as a safety cover. It is a fully automatic pool cover system that serves as an energy retention cover. It offers an insulation value of between R-5 and R-11, depending on which style of slat you are interested in. There are two different slats to choose from. The standard slat is a hollow core with three air chambers. The slats are available in White, Tan, Light Blue, and Gray. We also offer optional slats with hollow core in Green, Turquoise, and in Polycarbonate. We also have clear slats and slats with a clear top and a Black bottom. The clear slats are typically used on indoor pools only. Aquamatic also offers an exclusive, optional solid foam core slat. This cover offers an even greater insulation value than the hollow slat covers. The solid core covers are available in Blue Sky, Steel Gray, Silex Gray, and Cream White. The Hydralux cover system offers the same quality and warranty on the drive motors as the Hydramatic Cover Systems. The drive motors have a 20 year limited warranty and the cover has a 5 year limited warranty. The Hydralux was designed to allow pools with various converging shapes and unique features to have an automatic pool cover. The Hydralux Cover System is a special application to your pool that will need to be planned out during the construction of the pool. It is a very versatile cover that can be operated even when your fountains and water features are turned on. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE HYDRALUX BROCHURE.



The EZ Cover is the only manual cover system in the industry that requires only one person to operate it. A lot of other companies advertise that it takes only one person to open their cover, which is true, but those other systems will require two very strong people to close it back up. You will not have to pull any ropes, or crank any wheels. The EZ Cover will have you standing up comfortably while using leveraging poles to move the cover forward and backwards. The EZ Cover by Aquamatic Cover Systems comes with a lifetime warranty on the mechanism that drives the cover. The EZ Cover offers the same safety and energy savings as an automatic pool cover system for a smaller price. It is very easy to convert the EZ Cover to a Hydramatic cover system if there is ever a need. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE EZ COVER BROCHURE.


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