Automatic Pool Covers INC is a manufacturer of the best electric cover system in the industry. Automatic Pool Covers started manufacturing their first cover systems in January 2003. Prior to that, they were the largest distributor of automatic pool cover systems in the country. They had been selling other brands of cover systems since 1978, and were getting a lot of negative feedback from some of their customers about the quality of the products that they were selling. When Automatic Pool Covers learned of some design flaws in the products that they were selling, they took a stand and requested that the manufacturers that they were representing, who made these products, make changes to better the function of their cover systems. When this fell on deaf ears, Automatic Pool Covers saw that there was a need for a better, more reliable cover system in the industry. Automatic Pool Covers decided that instead of continuing to sell problematic cover systems, they would learn from the mistakes of the other cover manufacturers and design a auto cover with a better motor, and a sturdier design to provide the customers with a better experience. Since 2003, when they manufactured their first auto cover, they have thrived and become known around the world as a leader in the automatic pool cover industry. We have been installing the Automatic Pool Cover System since 2010 and are a proud dealer in the Mid-Atlantic region.

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